April 6, 2016

14th Amendment – All debts are prepaid.

Reference:  Judge Anna von Reitz: The fraud exposed in common every day language


The United States CONSCRIPTED — that is, borrowed — an interest in everything that we would ever do and create — a “usufruct” relationship where our interest and the ownership of every thing within our estate transferred over to them; and they never gave their control of our property back to us. They have no lawful right to any of it, and no valid claim to us, our land, our businesses, our children, or any other asset of ours.

These thieves are pretending that we consented to this circumstance and“volunteered” to subject ourselves to the United States jurisdiction “for the War Effort” in a war that has been over almost a hundred years.

The expenses that they are responsible for are the expenses of all the shill legal fiction entities that they have created and run “in your name” by abusing the right of usufruct. Those expenses include the expenses and debts of the federal “State” foreign situs trust doing business as “David Everett Robinson” and the Puerto Rican ESTATE trust doing business as “DAVID EVERETT ROBINSON” and theUnited Nations transmitting utility doing business as “DAVID E. ROBINSON”, and so on ad infinitum.

What they create, they control — and they are obligated to pay for what they create and control. The ones with the gold pay the bills!

USUFRUCT: A right to use another’s property for a time without damage or diminishing it, although the property might naturally deteriorate over time. A legal usufruct is one created by law. A 100 year encumbrance — Black’s Law 7th, page 1542.

Because of this “usufruct” relationship the United States has the hidden obligation and lawful responsibility to maintain everything we think we own. We were promised that on demand, but were never taught how to access it. The system made a promise that they could not and did not keep. We need to stop claiming ownership of everything we think we own and revert our interest back to the United States so they can put it in a trust for us (which they may have already done) so they can settle our claims.

Our signature turns a piece of paper into a negotiable instrument because we are financial institutions considered to be estates patented under land patent because we come from the earth. They patented a “usufruct” interest in us. We are all agricultural beings, commodities. When you buy a house you’re not buying a house, you are creating a loan against yourself, you become the collateral for the loan. The land patent cannot go to ground because its immovable.

You are considered in law — the international law of the Hague Treaty — as Liebercode Entities “outside of” and “foreign” to the United States.

We’re our own estate on our debtor side, and considered to be a financial institution, so when you put your signature on any piece of paper you are considered to be a bank. They just take a piece of paper and overlay it on your signature, and write on that piece of paper, on top of your signature, your signature that authorizes a transaction that you never see.

Then they place a lien against that signed piece of paper and sell it as a security on the stock exchange. This is what they’re doing with child support. They have you sign something so they can slap a lien on it and then sell it as notes no longer with them, a counterfeit security anyway, as there is nothing backing it and they’ve obtained it through fraud, so they are anxious to put the obligation onto someone else so it relieves them of the obligation, because they don’t have the Note as it’s been already been sold off.

You become the naked owner. They’re supposed to be the naked owner, and we should have the usufruct.

We’re being treated as terrorists in our own country. We are living basically in a fictional reality. We’re coming out of war. We are non-adverse. We’re not here to own anything.

Once the application is completed, that’s it. The funds are supposed to be disbursed to the individual who needs it. They’re not doing that. Instead they’re creating a“usufruct” relationship. Meaning that when the person applies for something, they sign their rights over to the state, so now the state has the right to move as power of attorney which makes the person signing the application incompetent like an infant who can’t handle his own affairs and they stick someone else with the obligation to complete his financial accounts. It doesn’t matter who they appoint. This is why you find that some people are hit with the obligation.

So with the bills they have you sign, you could do a reversionary interest. You could take it and sign it over to the United States Treasury which now has the obligation under “usufruct” to settle the claim. That’s it. You sign everything over to the U.S. Treasury, excluding the middle man, who is the administrator who is acting wrongly.

When you keep this up, guess who will go down to check out their books? The U.S. Treasury. We are protected by international law and the statutes no longer apply to us as we are no longer at war once we move into non-adversarial status.


The United States government went bankrupt in 1933. It’s an established fact that the United States Federal Government was dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act of March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719 declared by President Roosevelt, being insolvent and bankrupt.

House Joint Resolution 192 (HJR-192), 73 Congress in session, June 5, 1933 — A joint Resolution to suspend the gold clause standard and abrogate the gold clause — dissolved the United States and the official capacities of all U.S. Government Offices, Officers, and Departments, as further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only.

The Receivers of the U.S. Bankruptcy are the International Bankers via the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. All U.S. Offices, Officials, and Departments are operating within a de facto status, in name only, under the Emergency War Powers. (And this has been going on much longer than 1933).


With the constitutional Republic form of Government now dissolved, the Receivers of the Bankruptcy have adopted a new form of government FOR the United States. This new form of government is known as the Democracy, being an established Socialist Communist order under a NEW WORLD ORDER governorship for America.

We’re operating under a fictional basis now, because we are under Martial Rule thanks to what happened with Abraham Lincoln, which was intended to protect us.

The Founding Fathers declared that only gold and silver coins can be the “only money to be made in America.”

This Act was instituted and established by transferring the Office of the Secretary of State to that of the Governor of the International Monetary Fund. Public Law 94-564, page 8, Sec. H.R. 1355 reads in part: “The United States Secretary of the Treasury receives no compensation for representing the United States.”

When the colonies broke apart, when the North and South broke apart, when they went bankrupt way back then, the U.S. Constitution was no longer valid. The Constitution is now void, because there’s no sovereign government — and we’re under Martial Law Rule. So it’s time for us to wake up.


Since gold and silver coinage was heavy and inconvenient for a lot of transactions, they were stored in banks and a claim check or promissory note was issued as a money substitute. Redeemable currency must promise to pay a dollar equivalent in gold or silver money.

Federal Reserve Notes aka “dollars” make no such promise and are not “money” because they have no monetary value. They are worth nothing.


A Federal Reserve Note is a debt obligation of the federal United States Government, not “money”. The federal United States and the Congress were not and have never been authorized by the Constitution for the United States of America to issue currency of any kind, but only lawful money — gold and silver coins.

It is essential that we comprehend the distinction between real money and paper money substitutes.

One cannot get rich by accumulating money substitutes, one can only get deeper into debt. We the People no longer have any real “money”.

When this happened, and the Federal Reserve came in, and booted the United States Treasury out, and brought in the IMF, the United States Treasury ended up in Puerto Rico. The real United States Treasury is not in the District of Columbia now, at all.

Now you know why most Americans have not been paid any “money” for a very long time, perhaps not even in their entire lifetime. Do you comprehend now why you feel broke? Why you are “bankrupt” along with the rest of the country?

Did the Central Banks commit fraud? The answer is “Yes”. Being a sentient being, our signature is a commodity to the banker’s scam, due to the fact that they had an agreement (contract) after the gold was taken. The agreement was to collateralize all United States Citizens as debt slaves. The HJR-192 Resolution (agreement contract) that ALL DEBTS ARE PREPAID!!! (On demand).

In exchange for their gold the people were promised that ALL DEBTS ARE PREPAID!!!

This means that the International Banking Cartel came up with an Economic Security Offer aka SSN — the “Socialistic Security Act. This New Deal is not a bad deal — IF it were “honored”. Sustainable benefits at old age; a secure place to reside; Healthcare; all the essentials of living; a method of transportation. Everything is actually all prepaid because we are basically Shareholders in the United States Corporation because of our Birth Certificates bonds.

If you are part of a corporation, you’re part Stockholder, so you should be getting dividends from that stock, yearly or monthly. But you’re not getting anything at all.

So this was definitely done behind our backs, with the Birth Certificate bond, without full disclosure of the contract or anything explained. All this to “protect” you — protect you from what?


Banks are acting in your behalf when making a so-called loan, but instead of you receiving the actual money to pay for a house, you are actually being scammed of you own money every time you put your signature on their so-called “Promissory Note”.

The most likely Question is: “Why do they need our signature so badly?” The simply answer is: Because You are the Creditor and the Debtor. You create the money every time you sign a fraudulent contract with the international bankers.


Because you are land; you come from the land; therefore, you are a financial institution. When you sign your signature you create “credit” (credibility) that they can actually take from you and pocket, because you are Walking Real Estate. You are the walking Estate that they have patented. They have patented everything through your Birth Certificate. Can you imagine, we are very rich! But they are using us as agriculture in a very devastating way.



Under the UCC you create the Money.

That’s right!

You are the Banker.

Your signature is Required — syou can Discharge the Charge.



Under the UCC you create the Debt.

That’s right!

You are the Banker.

Your signature is Required — so you Have and Hold the Debt.

A Run on the Bank is created when borrowers demand real gold or silver instead of paper representations; so instead of being outlawed, the federal Government legalized it, and regulates the fictional money scam.

This is why Roosevelt had an issue with the Bankers. They basically came in and took the Money out of the Notes — they took Everything.

What have we learned? That around 1933, President Roosevelt declared the bankruptcy of the United States Corporation. The International Bankers demanded our gold and made it legal. They also removed Money notes that were backed by the real gold standard set by the Founding Fathers of the Republic.

The Bankers demanded even more Monies, so they created House Joint Resolution 192 (HJR-192), based in effect on the the private central bank, the non-federal FEDERAL RESERVE, INC. And, again, one of their resolutions was to Collateralize all citizens via their Birth Certificate Bonds. In exchange for HJR-192, all citizens were to have Free Transportation; Socialistic Security; Prepaid Utilities; Socialistic Healthcare; Food Rations, etc. We were to be protected and maintained by the Government of the United States of America. Everything was supposedly prepaid.

The owners of the gold pay the bills.

But something happened then, and we are now under Martial Law Rule. We we’re supposed to have all this, but the Bankers came in and took Everything to make it look like we have to pay for everything ourselves with our sweat and toil, when this is not true all.

Everything should be prepaid right now.


To simplify — John Doe is born, and is incorporated. The Bond Certificate is then collateralized (converted into “money”) — for example a million dollars — and the bond is then sold in the privately held International Central Bank System. The bond is sold over and over and over again which in turn can be worth a lot of money!!! One million over a 20 year period may grow to 40 million dollars or more! But understand,in this process you are nothing but a human resource to the bankers.

After a bond is collateralized for a million dollars, a million dollars gets created out of thin air and the Federal Reserve orders the Treasury to print up 1-million Federal Reserve Notes. If you’ll notice, the dollar bills have a serial number. That is actually a “person” you are holding in your hand. So really; we are all collateralized.

Who is doing this to us? We are being treated as agriculture. So we have to find out who we are and what we are and what we are here to do. What’s being done to us, is very inhumane.


Go to a bank and ask for a loan. The bank acts as a 3rd party between you and the Federal Reserve to tap into your million dollar Birth Certificate bond. They are loaning you your own money!!! Your own energy.

We start out on an adversarial level, but we have to act on a non-adversarial level.

With HJR-192 our best friend was created (the IRS!) our personal accountant for our bond. This is where you, the debt slave, can discharge alleged debt and where the UCC process comes on board. Now, the IRS can be your best friend.

When you accept a charge, for the honor of the name, and deposit it as credit into the United States Treasury, you are released from the obligation of the debt, by reverting all the interest to the State.

The US Treasury via the IRS is going to contact all these agents and make them get their act together. Where are they pocketing the money? Where are their books?


The Uniform Commercial Code is 1.) a code of statutes, of contracts, a product of private “Bankers” that have hijacked the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is 2.) based on Merchant Marine law. This is important because of the prevalence of commercial transactions extending from one state to another.

For example, goods may be manufactured in State A, warehoused in State B, sold from State C, and delivered in State D.

The UCC deals with the following consecutively numbered Subjects:

1. General Provisions; 2. Sales of goods; 2A. Leases, leases of good; 3. Negotiable Instruments; 4. Bank Deposits; Banks, and Banking, Check collection process; 4A. Fund Transfers, Transfers of money between banks; 5. Letters of Credit, transactions involving letters of credit; 6. Bulk transfers and bulk Sales Actions, and liquidations of assets; 7. Warehouse Receipts, Bills of Lading and other Documents of Title; 8. Investment Securities, Securities and financial assets; 9. Secured Transaction, Transactions secured by security interests — and most importantly, Liens.

Under the UCC you are considered to be a “vessel” over which Maritime Laws apply.

Under the UCC you can be liened — in total conflict with Declaration of Independence “unalienable rights”.

Under the UCC by contracting — such as applying for a license — your inherent (original) rights are turned into privileges that can be liened. We’re under the contract of Martial Law Rule. We’ve already been liened.

• Your right to travel is now a privilege to drive.

• Your right to free speech is now a privilege to protest.

• Your right to hold property is now an asset that can be seized.

• Your right to hunt and fish is now a privilege to hunt and fish, which can be fined.

 These are just a few examples of the usurping statutes of the UCC. Because they own it all, they own your title; they own you cars; they own everything you registered to the state; and more. They see you as a war-time criminal. Under the UCC all of us are considered to be an asset of the State — a debt slave used as collateral for their debts. All of us are equity for debts to the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.


By filing a UCC Finance Statement, Liening your Legal Status Name, you become the Secured Party Creditor of your ens legis Strawman. In effect, you have . . .

1.) . . . taken over the Birth Certificate bond originally created by them, and you are a “UCC Creditor” now handling your own affairs. The means being non-adversarial; you are not at war with the United States and are willing to settle your bond account via the “IRS” by accepting it for discharge;

2.) . . . you have taken over the private banker sovereign status which creates money that cannot be liened — and discharges it;

3.) . . . you have a lien on the CAFRs, and all officials who work for us whom we can shut down if they break their own corporate laws — aka, the “UCC”.

You’re moving yourself off of war-time status.


CAFRS: Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. It has been reported that trillions of collective dollars, not shown on government Budget Reports, are shown through government CAFR reports that are virtually never openly-discussed by the syndicated News Media, Democrat and Republican Party members, the House, the Senate, nor organized public education.

With it being that the CAFR is “the accounting document for every local government, and with it being “BLACKED OUT” for open mention over the last 60 or more years, the Fact of unintentional Omission of coverage is one of the biggest Conspiraciesthat has ever taken effect in the United States of America.


A Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is the government’s complete accounting of “NET WORTH”.

The CAFR was established as local government’s complete accounting record started in 1946 through the efforts of a private group located out of Chicago, Illinois by the name of Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA) which became mandatory by FED requirements on all local governments in 1978, to complete if they had not already done so.

From more than 84,000 CAFR reports produced by local governments each year in combination with Federal Government owned investment holdings, shows a conservative value of some Sixty Trillion Dollars held by local and federal governments, as of 1999. An example of the holdings shown from just one Government CAFR (NY State 2005 Retirement Fund CAFR) shows 133 Billion Dollarsof investments held (Microsoft; 44 million shares thereof).


Instead of us receiving these tremendous amounts via dividends every month to the populace, we are being cheated out of all rightful benefits ourselves, and benefitting them instead.

As a Secured Party Creditor, putting a lien on the CAFRS makes a lot of sense!!! We are Share-holders of the United States Corporation and should be sharing in itsprofitable dividends. But we’re not getting anything at all.


Discharge of Fines; Liens; Summons; Court Case Charges; Orders; Legal Notices; Protect all your Vehicles; Child Support Payments; School Loans; Alleged Credit Card debts; Utility Bills; Secured Loans; Tax Liens; Traffic Tickets, and so much more.

By using this private process, you have the power to put them under Notice of Default and use the process to lien them as well and receive monies from their bond — when they break “UCC CREDITOR LAWS”.


“But they that be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” — I Timothy 6:9-10.


“The thief cometh not, but for to steal and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. — John 10:10.

The bank system is a well organized corrupt criminal Cartel that came to a head around 1933 when President Roosevelt declared the bankruptcy of the United States. The banks took over our gold and silver money that was backed by a gold standard.

The result is a new type of “fiat” money and a de facto government system. This new form of government is known as a Democracy, now established as a Socialist, Communist NEW WORLD ORDER Government of America.

“Fiat” money is any money declared by the government to be legal tender. Before 1933, paper money was backed by gold. Ever since, Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs), aka “dollars”, are not money but money substitutes backed only, by false belief.

About David Robinson

David Robinson is a journalist living in the mid-coast area of Maine. He served as a Juror seated under Summons, on the Cumberland County, Maine, Grand Jury for the first four months of 2014.



Proverbs 19 (KJV) #AProverbADay #FlowOfWisdom

November 20, 2014

to find his kingdom?


1 Better is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than he that is perverse in his lips, and is a fool.
2 Also, that the soul be without knowledge, it is not good; and he that hasteth with his feet sinneth.
3 The foolishness of man perverteth his way: and his heart fretteth against the LORD.
4 Wealth maketh many friends; but the poor is separated from his neighbour.
5 A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.
6 Many will intreat the favour of the prince: and every man is a friend to him that giveth gifts.
7 All the brethren of the poor do hate him: how much more do his friends go far from him? he pursueth them with words, yet they are wanting to him.
8 He that getteth wisdom loveth his own soul: he that keepeth understanding…

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Blacks Must Become Multilingual

October 20, 2014

it must happen

Derryck Green

This isn’t a call for blacks to learn an additional language to communicate alongside the English we speak now.  Even though Hispanics are an increasing percentage of the population- displacing blacks as the largest minority in the process- I’m not advocating the need to learn Spanish; though that may indeed prove helpful.

What I’m advocating here is something quite different and I believe more practical and much more pressing.  Blacks are monolingual- we only speak one language and oftentimes it’s at our own expense.

The language isn’t English… it’s race.  On occasion, we speak it very well and considering the historical presence of blacks in America, it’s understandable.  From slavery to the Emancipation, from Reconstruction through Jim Crow segregation; from the Civil Rights Movement to the present day- our historical reality in America forced blacks to develop a polished articulation of racial language.

But in twenty-first century America, the language…

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Ferguson Police Are Following These Guidelines

August 19, 2014

God’s word

August 5, 2014
Robert Beckom

It's Comin'/Trilogy:   R.C.Beckom is the author of It's 
Comin'/Trilogy-an intriguing story of how black people came2 b in their 
present situations.His book describes several situations & offers 
practical solutions. his book delves beyond the comprehension of daily 
life.It defines conditions that need immediate attention that most will 
refuse to listen to,simply because of the guilt that may be founded in 
one's ownself.This book is not 2 b put aside,it is a must read. It will 
not b another book approaching these types of issues published 4 a 
100years,so don't miss out on reading the truest tale of the 
century.This story is Godly inspired! As a black man,R.C.Beckom grew 
up,like others, having 2learn the ways of a society to which he would 
find himself a victim of if he did not learn the society's rules and 
regulations. In his novel,It's Comin',Beckom takes a fresh look at how 
some black people came 2 b in some of the present situations they face 
n society n a series of 3 stories,The stories take place in a fictional 
setting,the implications defined are real-life issues that need 
immediate attention. Beckom's stories speak of the traumatic events 2 
come for a people captured against their free will, a people taken from 
their native habitat 4 centuries & forced 2 learn things contrary 2 the 
essence of their very being, it showcases the repercussions that will 
come from the mistreatrment of humanity & discusses how forcing a 
people 2 submit 2 things that don't allow them 2 b free n their actions 
& thinking only eliminates their ability 2 one day b n control of their 
own destiny. His novel is divided into 3 parts,"It's Comin'," 
"Aquarius(A new Beginning)," and "Black Thoughts About Black Things." 
After discussing how black communities have been mistreated & misled, 
Beckom details how they acquired knowledge of how a society was run and 
began to do something to change their situation. The following is an 
excerpt from Aquarius: As children we are taught scriptures of 
religious beliefs, We're taught to be good, although mostly all we see 
is bad, The old don't do as you see, but as you are told, be good, and 
you'll get to go to heaven, don't steal,lie,kill, rob or curse, for 
these are sins of evil. But,upon understanding what we are reading from 
the written messages in books that the world present to us, We find 
that the world of people has been evil for a nice little while, and 
nothings been done about it for sometime now. but the the judgment for 
all of this mishap is a comin'.] Is It the End? And if so, end of what? 
The World? Surely not!!! R.C.Beckom is from Englewood H, he quote: 
Therefore,there is now no condemnation 4 those who are in Christ, 
because through Christ the law of the Spirit of life set me free from 
the law of sin & death. 4 what the law was powerless 2 do n that it was 
weakened by the sinful nature, God did by sending his own son in the 
likeness of sinful man 2b a sin offering. a reader writes" I understand 
Jesus died 4 our sins. I believe it but I just can't understand why he 
had 2 do it. Didn't God have power over everything?I have looked for 
the answer to this question for a long time. Because God is a God of 
infinite justice, he cannot 4give sin without justice being served. 
Otherwise he wouldn't b God. This means that all sin must b judged 
according 2 b the moral law of god and the universe. We can no more 
defy this law & live than we can defy the law of gravity by jumpinng 
out of an airplane without a parachute.the end result will be death 
unless we apply another law, the law of aerodynamics. this law makes it 
possible for an airplane2 fly & a parachute 2lower us 2the earth 
gradually & thereby save us.There is another universal law that we 
cannot defy& is the law of sin &death which means that the 
judgment& penalty of all sin is death& eternal separation from God.That 
is,unless we appply a higher law which is the law of the Spirit of 
Life, which is a God-given"spiriatual parachute" to save us from 
eternal death. God provided this law through the death of Jesus who 
died in our place to pay the penalty for our sin. Furthermore,because 
God is also a God of absolute holiness, no sin or unforgiven sinners 
can survive in his presence. As some bacteria are not able to survive 
in the light &die if they are exposed to it,so it is with us.n our 
sinful state if we were exposed 2 God &his incredible light,we would b 
destroyed instantaneously.And herein lies our dilemma. However,God's 
answer 2our dilemma lies n the fact that God is not only a God of 
infinite justice and absolute holiness,but also a God of eternal 
love.Because of his love,God gave his very own son, theChrist,2 die on 
the cross n our place 2 pay the penalty 4our sins 2meet the automatic 
demands of God'sJustice & holiness. Christ's death made possible God's 
law of the Spirit of life our God given spiritual parachute 2 save us 
 from eternal death. Not 2accept &use God's Parachute means certain 
death from which there is no other escape.


They owe us

August 5, 2014
Today at 3:21 AM
PASCF Statement on Reparations Owed
Following the historic London Reparations March from Brixton to 10 Downing Street organised by the Rastafari Movement in Britain on 1st August 2014, the PASCF issues the following statement – they all owe us:


The Capitalists, the Working Class and the Trade Union Movement all owe

Reparations to Afrikan People


The enslavement of Afrikan people created unprecedented levels of wealth for the imperialists who controlled the slavery system. As part of their agenda of stealing other peoples’ wealth they managed to usurp Afrikan people’s labour without having to pay. The imperialists then used the massive quantities of wealth that they accumulated from slavery as capital to invest. These investments were the cause of many new beginnings including: a proliferation in the development of technological inventions in Europe; the creation of factories in Europe; the development of mass production in Europe; the development of industrialisation in Europe; the birth of capitalism as a social, political and economic system; the birth of the capitalist phase of world history; and the birth of modern racism.


These changes also meant that the newly created mass producing factories of Europe needed labour in order to operate effectively. This new need was hindered by the fact that the labour of European peasants was tied to the land in a form of bondage called serfdom. The requirements imposed by the newly emerging capitalist system meant that the European peasants had to be released from serfdom by their Lords and Masters. Their release was one of the essential ingredients that brought capitalism into existence. It was the release of European peasants from serfdom that gave birth to the European working class (i.e. proletariat). The European working class was created by the new capitalist elite for its own diabolical purposes. The European working class was also born out of the terrible suffering of enslaved Afrikan people.


The European working class was created precisely so that the capitalists could exploit them as a means of making profits.  In order to resist this exploitation the working class was forced to organise for self defence.  Trade unions are the result of the European working class’ organised struggle against capitalism – the same capitalist system that was created by and profited from anti-Afrikan slavery. 


Trade Unions which were the European working class’ legitimate response to capitalist exploitation have at their root the terrible suffering of enslaved Afrikan people.  The outcome of this process is that European working class suffer capitalist oppression on the basis of class; Afrikan people suffer double oppression – class and race; and Afrikan women suffer triple oppression – class, race and gender.


In short, if there was no slavery there would be no capitalism.  If there was no capitalism there would be no working class.  If there was no working class there would be no Trade Union Movement.  Capitalism, the working class and Trade Unions all owe their existence to the enslavement of Afrikan people.  They are all indebted to and owe reparations to Afrikan people, from whose genocidal scale suffering (i.e. exploitation and oppression) they arose.

This is why black people shouldn’t be focused on Donald Sterling

April 29, 2014

Spit Sergeant

Muhammad The Mortician – The Naked Truth

Licensed Funeral Director in New Jersey, Follow on Facebook/Morticians That Care Email:

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Manage Multiple Artists from a Single Account

September 5, 2013

love it

Don’t Do It

August 5, 2013

Don’t Do It.


November 17, 2011


2011 Berlin International Film Festival – Winner Teddy Jury Award.
2011 Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – Winner Jury Prize Best Feature.
2011 San Fransisco International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – Winner Audience Award Best Feature.
2011 Torino International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – Winner Best Feature Film.

US release date: November 16

Looks like a boy, swags like a boy, spits like a boy, plays soccer shirtless like a boy. Can’t pee standing on the side of the soccer field like the boys.

My Rating: 7/10

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