God’s word

Robert Beckom

It's Comin'/Trilogy:   R.C.Beckom is the author of It's 
Comin'/Trilogy-an intriguing story of how black people came2 b in their 
present situations.His book describes several situations & offers 
practical solutions. his book delves beyond the comprehension of daily 
life.It defines conditions that need immediate attention that most will 
refuse to listen to,simply because of the guilt that may be founded in 
one's ownself.This book is not 2 b put aside,it is a must read. It will 
not b another book approaching these types of issues published 4 a 
100years,so don't miss out on reading the truest tale of the 
century.This story is Godly inspired! As a black man,R.C.Beckom grew 
up,like others, having 2learn the ways of a society to which he would 
find himself a victim of if he did not learn the society's rules and 
regulations. In his novel,It's Comin',Beckom takes a fresh look at how 
some black people came 2 b in some of the present situations they face 
n society n a series of 3 stories,The stories take place in a fictional 
setting,the implications defined are real-life issues that need 
immediate attention. Beckom's stories speak of the traumatic events 2 
come for a people captured against their free will, a people taken from 
their native habitat 4 centuries & forced 2 learn things contrary 2 the 
essence of their very being, it showcases the repercussions that will 
come from the mistreatrment of humanity & discusses how forcing a 
people 2 submit 2 things that don't allow them 2 b free n their actions 
& thinking only eliminates their ability 2 one day b n control of their 
own destiny. His novel is divided into 3 parts,"It's Comin'," 
"Aquarius(A new Beginning)," and "Black Thoughts About Black Things." 
After discussing how black communities have been mistreated & misled, 
Beckom details how they acquired knowledge of how a society was run and 
began to do something to change their situation. The following is an 
excerpt from Aquarius: As children we are taught scriptures of 
religious beliefs, We're taught to be good, although mostly all we see 
is bad, The old don't do as you see, but as you are told, be good, and 
you'll get to go to heaven, don't steal,lie,kill, rob or curse, for 
these are sins of evil. But,upon understanding what we are reading from 
the written messages in books that the world present to us, We find 
that the world of people has been evil for a nice little while, and 
nothings been done about it for sometime now. but the the judgment for 
all of this mishap is a comin'.] Is It the End? And if so, end of what? 
The World? Surely not!!! R.C.Beckom is from Englewood H, he quote: 
Therefore,there is now no condemnation 4 those who are in Christ, 
because through Christ the law of the Spirit of life set me free from 
the law of sin & death. 4 what the law was powerless 2 do n that it was 
weakened by the sinful nature, God did by sending his own son in the 
likeness of sinful man 2b a sin offering. a reader writes" I understand 
Jesus died 4 our sins. I believe it but I just can't understand why he 
had 2 do it. Didn't God have power over everything?I have looked for 
the answer to this question for a long time. Because God is a God of 
infinite justice, he cannot 4give sin without justice being served. 
Otherwise he wouldn't b God. This means that all sin must b judged 
according 2 b the moral law of god and the universe. We can no more 
defy this law & live than we can defy the law of gravity by jumpinng 
out of an airplane without a parachute.the end result will be death 
unless we apply another law, the law of aerodynamics. this law makes it 
possible for an airplane2 fly & a parachute 2lower us 2the earth 
gradually & thereby save us.There is another universal law that we 
cannot defy& live.it is the law of sin &death which means that the 
judgment& penalty of all sin is death& eternal separation from God.That 
is,unless we appply a higher law which is the law of the Spirit of 
Life, which is a God-given"spiriatual parachute" to save us from 
eternal death. God provided this law through the death of Jesus who 
died in our place to pay the penalty for our sin. Furthermore,because 
God is also a God of absolute holiness, no sin or unforgiven sinners 
can survive in his presence. As some bacteria are not able to survive 
in the light &die if they are exposed to it,so it is with us.n our 
sinful state if we were exposed 2 God &his incredible light,we would b 
destroyed instantaneously.And herein lies our dilemma. However,God's 
answer 2our dilemma lies n the fact that God is not only a God of 
infinite justice and absolute holiness,but also a God of eternal 
love.Because of his love,God gave his very own son, theChrist,2 die on 
the cross n our place 2 pay the penalty 4our sins 2meet the automatic 
demands of God'sJustice & holiness. Christ's death made possible God's 
law of the Spirit of life our God given spiritual parachute 2 save us 
 from eternal death. Not 2accept &use God's Parachute means certain 
death from which there is no other escape.



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