Manage Multiple Artists from a Single Account

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Bandcamp Daily

You can now easily switch between all your artists on Bandcamp without the hassle of repeatedly logging in and out. First, make sure you’re in whichever account you plan on logging in with from now on. Then open up your artist menu and select  “add more artists”:

add artist


Enter the name and password of the artist(s) you want to add:

artist pane

Those bands are added to the artists pane of your settings page, above, where you can quickly jump between their sites (and profile, tools and stats pages).


You can also navigate between them from the artists menu:

artist menu


A couple of notes:

The new gear icon gear icon in the upper right is how you get back to your settings page, where you manage your artists, change your email and password, and do other account-level things.

If you’re running a small label where you manage all your artists, but the artists…

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