Happy Motoring!

squirrel circus

Driving the boys to school this morning, I started thinking about all the ins and outs of driving in central Pennsylvania. I’ll try to avoid clichés and stereotypes, but sometimes they’re just too true (incidentally, that’s HOW they became stereotypes and clichés).

The Amish Horse and Buggy: This may seem to be an obvious nuisance, but it’s not the horse and buggy that I have a problem with. On the whole, the Amish that travel the roads where we live are very courteous and competent buggy operators. It’s the morons between me and the buggy that cause the problem. This is the group of people who are AFRAID to pass the buggy. In the absence of a steep hill or sharp curve in the road, the Amish expect to be safely passed. It’s how we share the road here in God’s country. It’s the cowards blocking up traffic behind the buggy that aggravate…

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